Baileys Cake

Baileys Cake


200 gr black chocolate
250 gr butter + extra
300 gr sugar
2 vanilla sugar
4 eggs
300 gr flour + extra
1 baking powder
50 gr cocoa powder
200 ml baileys
1 teaspoon of oilPreparation

Transfer to a grater 50 gr choco and finely chop.
Mix the butter, sugar and vanilla sugar together until the mixture becomes creamy. Add the eggs 1 by 1, beating with a mixer.
Add the minced chocolate and mix. Then add 100 ml of baileys.
The flour, baking powder and cacao are made together, add to the butter slowly, adding another 100 ml of baileys.
Coat the shape of the cake well with butter and flour, remove the excess flour, add the mass in the form and bake at 175 gr for 45 minutes.

Once it is baked, leave the cake form upside down, let it stand while it cools and detaches from the form.
Finally, make the au bain-marie glaze, add the oil and chocolate and melt it, toss it on top of the cake.
Store in a dry place and cool. Jo ne frigo.ju befte mire

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