radish salads with green salad leaves

radish salads with green salad leaves

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3 tablespoons uthell red grapes

500 gr red beets

1 green salad or rucola

100 gr sliced ​​cheese

1 avocado
2 tablespoons mayonnaise

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon dijon mustard

salt and pepper to taste
Dressing, combine the ingredients and mix well
Preparation of red turnip:
We first bake the red turnips in the oven. We wrap them with aluminum foil and put them in the oven for 1 hour at 200 degrees. When we remove it from the oven, leave it for 30 minutes.

Then we clean it, its skin is removed very easily and at the end we clean it with water.

We cut them into small cubes.

On a plate we put a leaf from the green salad why rucola then we throw the turnips which we have passed in the grape uthel, we add avocado cut into small cubes, sliced ​​cheese and dressing we throw a little dried or fresh parsley.
Serve directly.
Enjoy your meal

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